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Blue Mountain Minerals
Blue Mountain Minerals, located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills north of Yosemite National Park, is the largest producer of limestone products in Northern California. We utilize environmentally safe mining methods involving no chemical processing. Blue Mountain Minerals' massive deposits of limestone and dolomite produce numerous calcium carbonate and calcium-magnesium carbonate products for industrial mineral uses in California and throughout the Western United States. Like millions of other people, you use our products every day.
• Agricultural Limestone & Dolomite - Limestone and dolomite are naturally-occurring agricultural enhancement and soil conditioners. Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed limestone is used to increase calcium levels and correct soil acidity. Agricultural limestone and dolomite are important for improving soil and plant health for a greater crop yield. Limestone is also an important source of calcium in animal feeds for poultry and cattle, producing high-quality eggs, milk and meat products.

• Environmental Cleanup - Limestone is an excellent reagent for neutralizing the harmful effects of sulfates and sulfuric acid emissions from fossil fuel combustions at coal-fired power plants. The power industry utilizes limestone for safe, environmental remediation of contaminants that otherwise would be released in the atmosphere. Limestone also neutralizes the toxic effects of high acidity soil conditions.

• Construction & Manufacturing - Limestone aggregates ranging in size from a fine powder to large rocks are preferred in many applications due to their consistent quality and safe, non-toxic properties.

• Glass & Household Products - Limestone is an essential ingredient in the production of glass for bottles, windows, food containers and windshields. Blue Mountain Minerals helps many businesses produce a variety of products, supplying limestone to many glass manufacturing plants.