Blue Mountain Minerals Limestone and Dolomite fit into many of your construction product materials. 



Limestone is a main ingredient in the manufacture of glass for construction (building & insulation) and containers. Calcium Limestone or Dolomitic Limestone are used as fluxing materials in glass manufacturing. When limestone is heated with silica sand, a solution is formed that hardens to an amorphous, clear solid phase. Consistent chemistry, color and size is important when choosing limestone for glass.



Whether it's squares or rolled, asphalt-based roofing shingles can contain up to 70% calcium carbonate filler by weight. The addition of limestone as a filler in roofing shingles provides the necessary weight to remain flat and stable while also helping to make them more fire resistant. Limestone as a filler can help improve tear strength. Limestone of the correct gradiation can also be used for headlap and backing in shingles.



Limestone helps make concrete "greener" by displacing cement and helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Fine pulverized Limestone can aid in early strength development and shrinkage control in certain concrete formulations. Limestone powders and aggregates are an important part of many green building materials.

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Cultured Marble/Stone


Carbonate fillers with mesh sizes ranging from 30 to 100 are used in the process of manufacturing cultured marble. Calcium carbonates help extend the resins used while imparting color.



Limestone rock of a wide variety of sizes is used to build roads, make the concrete for septic systems, prepare and drain the ground around foundations. Clean, safe and non-toxic limestone is essential for sanding roads, meets PG&E specifications for Backfill Sand EMS 4123, bedding pipes, septic sand  and many other construction uses. Contact us about your specific needs today.



Calcium carbonate is a low oil absorption ingredient that also adds weight to the backing to help the carpet lay flat once installed.

Films and Plastic Packaging


Calcium carbonate is also widely used as filler in plastics, thermosetting resins, even some types of molded "clay" poker chips. Fine ground calcium carbonate is an essential ingredient in the microporous film used in babies' diapers, adhesives, sealants, and in ceramics firing.

Paint and Coatings


Calcium carbonate is used as a filler or extender in architectural coatings, including interior & exterior paints. Calcium carbonate can lower costs by extending more expensive pigments. Calcium carbonate can influence paint rheology & stability while effecting whiteness, opacity & gloss.



Calcium carbonate is used as a cost effective aggregate in stucco applications providing body & strength to structure and helping to impart texture.



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