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May 2022

Ammonium extract or saturated paste?

Problems from low calcium.

July 2022

Coming Soon

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Spring 2022

Calcium and Salt.

Locations and products list.

Winter 2022

Aglime: Smaller is Better.

N, P, K and pH.

Summer 2021

Not all soil salts are bad.

Salt changes how water moves in and out of the root.

Spring 2021

Aglime is not just for pH.

Compare old and new calcium products.

Winter 2021

Does 1/3 really work each year.

Particle size stacker image.

Fall 2021 

Calcium aids flocculation.

Worms and their benefits.

Summer 2020

Calcium in the plant.

Calcium in the soil.

Spring 2020

Exchangeable compared to soluble calcium.

Fall 2020

Particle size chart compared to sand and silt.

How much Ca and Mg is in our LoMg Dolo.

Summer 2019 

Soil nutrients are the building blocks roots are looking for. 

Spring 2019

Calcium: diseases from lack of Ca.

What CEC tells us.

Fall 2019

Importance of Calcium and Magnesium. 

Why test your soil.

Winter 2018

What is the value of low cost aglime? 

Blue Mountain aglime compared.

Spring 2018

Soil CEC explained, dinner plate comparison. 

CEC and how it changes soil Ca needs.

Summer 2018

Benefits of prilled product without the big price tag, solubility of aglime chart.

Fall 2018

Particle size dime test. 

Calcium and Magnesium pound for pound.

Winter 2017 

CEC of a boulder compared to aglime. 

Aglime score explained.

Spring 2017

Effects of low soil pH. 

The skinny on N, P, and K.

Summer 2017

Why is my aglime a different color?

Missing pieces in the soil. 

Fall 2017 

Benefits of low magnesium dolomite. 

Aglime effectiveness rating.

Winter 2016 

Acquisition of Lime Mountain. 

CCE is a portion of it. 

Spring 2016

Aglime: Nutrients for this season. 

Dolomite, Limestone, Dolomitic explained.

Summer 2016 

Balanced soil pH aids N,P, and K. 

Flocculation power.

Fall 2016

How Nitrogen effects soil pH.

Fall is the time to address salt buildup.

Winter 2015

Gypsum and anhydrite explained. 

Compare aglime using the score.

Spring 2015

Why smaller is better. 

Difference between gypsum and gypsum.

Summer 2015

Importance of post harvest calcium. 

Your source for aglime and dolomite.

Fall 2015 

Rock dust makes a comeback. 

Solubility and particle size

Winter 2014

What's your score? 

CCE alone doesn't tell us much.

Spring 2014

Mesh size explained. 

Soil acidity negatively effects N,P, and K.

Summer 2014

Stop wasting money, adjust your pH.

Knowing the score can save you money.

Fall 2014 

Education on the aglime score.  

Announcing, we HAD gypsum in Stockton.

Winter 2013

Aglime size compared to sand, silt and clay. 

More bang for your buck.

Spring 2013

pH Matters. 

Aglime helps fertilizer work.

Summer 2013

Getting the most for your fertilizer dollar.

CCE isn't even half of it.

Fall 2013 

Why soil pH is so important. 

How soil becomes acidic.

Winter 2012 

Farm season starts today. 

Blue Mountain Minerals equals value.

Spring 2012

NPK: three more reasons for limestone. 

Got worms?

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