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Blue Mountain Minerals Limestone and Dolomitic Limestone help your plants and animals grow their best.

Green Orchard
Soil Amendments


Pulverized Agricultural Limestone and LoMg Dolo Xtra Fine (Dolomitic Limestone) are great products to provide calcium to the soil. Calcium is has been shown to improve plant cell wall structure, help reduce blossom end rot in many crops, improve water use efficiency and soil structure, as well as improve the uptake of other nutrients by correcting soil pH.

Free Range Chicken Farm
Feed Ingredient


Calcium is an essential mineral ingredient for healthy animals providing for:

• proper development of the skeletal system
• regulating the heartbeat
• muscle contraction, blood clotting and nerve impulses
• egg production and quality
• pregnancy and lactating cows
• milk production

Dairy Bedding


Limestone products are used as an alternative to sand in diary bedding. It is a clean safe way to provide a comfortable and dry bedding area that has been shown to reduce the incidence of environmental mastitis.

Soil Admendments
Feed Ingredient
Dairy Bedding
Herbicide Performance


Soil pH can affect some herbicide performance. Soil with pH levels below 5.0 likely have nutrient deficiencies, aluminum toxicity and reduced microbial activity. These acidic conditions can impact how the degradation takes place and can increase problems with herbicide carryover. Check with your crop professional for specific herbicide recommendations.

Odor Neutralization
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