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Limestone & Dolomitic Limestone are naturally derived agricultural enhancers and soil conditioners, inspected & certified by CDFA. Limestone & dolomitic limestone elevate calcium and magnesium levels, correct soil acidity, and enhance soil and plant health, leading to increased crop yields.  This natural form of calcium plays a crucial role in animal nutrition, benefiting poultry and cattle by contributing to the production of high-quality eggs, milk, and meat products.

Helping your plants and animals grow their best


  • Soil Amendments
    Pulverized Agricultural Limestone and LoMg Dolo Xtra Fine (Dolomitic Limestone) are essential to provide calcium and magnesium to soil. Calcium is a vital nutrient for plants and has been shown to improve plant cell wall structure, help reduce blossom end rot in many crops, improve water use efficiency and soil structure, as well as improve the uptake of other nutrients by correcting soil pH. Magnesium is an essential nutrient for plants and plays several important roles for both the plant and soil health. Magnesium plays a critical role in the plant by aiding to chlorophyll production, stomatal regulation, nutrient uptake and transport, enzyme activation, and protein synthesis. In the soil, magnesium contributes to soil fertility through PH Buffering, Soil Structure by enhancing the formation of stable soil aggregates, and Cation Exchange Capacity. Applications Include: Fruit & Nut Row Crops Truffle Mix Pasture Grasses Legumes
  • Animal Feed Ingredients
    Calcium is an essential mineral ingredient crucial for promoting the health of animals by assisting in: Proper development of the skeletal system Regulation of heartbeat Muscle contraction, blood clotting and nerve impulses Egg production and quality Pregnancy and bovine lactation Milk production

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