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Blue Mountain Minerals limestone helps Northern and Central California businesses generate millions of dollars in products and wages every year. 

Striving to be a Positive Influence in Tuolumne County

Economic Impact

Blue Mountain Minerals' is a major source of reliable, local limestone for the central region of California. Location is critical, because transportation can total as much as half the cost of delivered limestone, so businesses that need limestone typically locate as close as possible to the source.


Our customers are local, but their products benefit people all over California. Blue Mountain Minerals' massive deposits of limestone and dolomite produce numerous calcium carbonate and calcium-magnesium carbonate products for industrial mineral uses in California and throughout the Western United States. Blue Mountain Minerals also has the largest storage capacity in the region with over 11,000 tons of finished product storage available in silos. There is additional storage of agricultural products and aggregates in excess of 50,000 tons. 

About 70 people work for Blue Mountain Minerals quarry and crushing plant in Tuolumne County, making us one of the county's largest employers. Our employees earn family wages with good benefits. Combined, our payroll and purchases of goods and services make a substantial contribution to local cash registers. Multiply that six to ten times, which is an economic multiplier common for an industry like ours, and you can figure that our presence adds 400 to 650 jobs to the regional economy.

Empowering the Local Economy

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